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Since the crypto boom began in early 2021, NFTs have become one of the most notable topics in the global art market, sparking seemingly endless debate amongst traditional artists and collectors. It’s impossible to deny that NFTs have rapidly shredded our existing notions of the value, practice, and experience of art, while a new generation of crypto artists has launched us into an entirely new art movement.

While digital media artists have benefitted from sales of NFT-based artwork, a small number of tattoo artists began to leverage sites like OpenSea, Foundation, and Rarible to run their tattoo practice. At InkMarket, we’ve created an ecosystem to specifically support NFT tattoo artists, and help them find support and community with other artists and collectors.

How does it work?

How does this work for my tattooing practice?

  • Get paid for your artwork up front. Some artists may treat the initial sale as a deposit for their tattoo, or you can treat it as the price of the entire piece.
  • Collect royalties on resales. If your client gets cold feet, or decides to re-sell the design, InkMarket NFT contracts allow you to collect royalties on resales.
  • Create a digital record of your design. The minted InkMarket NFT allows you to create a public digital record of the design and tattooing process. The NFT also acts as a contract between you and your client, as well as a keepsake and certificate of authenticity.
  • Sell your artwork on any NFT marketplace. Want to get involved in the NFT art market? All InkMarket NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain, and are compatible with major marketplaces that support Polygon, such as OpenSea.

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